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In the last 8 years Youtube has taught us that…..


On April 23rd 2005, Jawed Karim one of YouTube’s co-founders uploaded the sites first ever video at 8:27 pm. Back then, nobody could have ever imagined that a website founded by three young men would turn into the biggest video sharing website on the planet!

Today, more than 1 billion users visit the site watching over 6 billion hours of videos each month. Every day, people are coming to the site to access the latest news, learn new skills and simply have fun.


The history of YouTube is continuing to grow everyday with different fads and trends coming and going every day. Over the last 8 years we have laughed and been left intrigued by many famous uploads such as “The Harlem Shake“, “Gangnam Style” and most recently “What Does the Fox Say“.

Psy doing Gangnam Style

For me, YouTube is a way of keeping up with what’s going on in the world and reliving some of my favourite goals from my beloved Arsenal football club. For other’s, its about giving them the opportunity to upload their own videos and share them with the world. Whether it’s a random clip, political videos or their favourite TV show. E4 has benefited hugely from the website by producing their own video compilation show “Rude Tube“.

YouTube has thought us in the last 8 years that advertisements don’t have to be shown on TV during a show but can also be viewed online. Every year, an average of 108.7 million viewers all over the world tune in for the annual super bowl which gives businesses and companies the ultimate opportunity to stand out from the rest and promote their product to a bigger audience than ever. But it’s not until the following day when the world logs on to YouTube that they can relive and analyse the best and worst commercials shown for the event.

In the past few years YouTube has evolved from a way of viewing videos online to a way of downloading your favourite music for free through the use of YouTube Converter. After Napster, LimeWire and Kazaa were all shutdown due to copyright infringement, record companies now face a much tougher battle on their hands in the form of YouTube. According to the Guardian, young people discover new music more on  YouTube than by listening to the radio or paying for them on iTunes.

So what’s next for YouTube? After 8 years so much has come and gone and only time will tell what the next 8 years will bring.