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10 ways small Irish businesses can use Facebook and Twitter


Social Media is proving to be the strongest and cheapest way for businesses to promote and advertise themselves. However, a recent report by eMarketer found that small businesses are struggling to adapt to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, with only 24% of them having integrated these forms of social media into their operations. So if your looking for ideas to improve your pages or trying to get started, here are 10 tips to get your small business up and running through Facebook and Twitter.

10. Create a M.A.P.

The first step when setting up a Facebook and Twitter account for your business is to create a Marketing Action Plan. This will include a list of everything you can tweet about such as company news, blog posts, important announcements, special offers, industry news etc.

9. Take Chances

The most effective Facebook and Twitter accounts are those run by people who are creative and not afraid to take risks. A good example of this is Paddy Power’s Facebook page. After all, all publicity is good publicity.


(example of Paddy Power’s risky tactics. Photo courtesy of www.paddypower.com)

8. Don’t Annoy People

There is nothing more annoying than logging onto your Facebook or Twitter account and seeing your newsfeed clogged up with hundreds of posts from the same person or business. AVOID DOING THIS! There is no right amount of posts or tweets that you should be putting up on your page but make sure what you do post is relevant, interesting and more importantly doesn’t annoy people.

7. Run a Contest

Many small companies have successfully used competitions on their Facebook page resulting in thousand’s of new likes . Firstly, you must make sure that the competition you set up meets Facebook promotion guidelines. Your contest must also use a Facebook app, which will allow you to create a fan gate and only let people who firstly like your page enter the competition.

6. Publish Valuable Content

Make sure to publish engaging and interesting content on a regular basis and record what type of posts and tweets results in the most attention and positive feedback. Posting pictures and videos is a good way of doing this which may result in your followers sharing and retweeting your content on their own pages. Sharing YouTube videos on your page promoting your business can be a good way to do this.

5. Like, Follow and Interact With Other Companies

Liking and Following similar companies or complimentary companies on Facebook and Twitter can result in increased awareness and likes/followers for your page. For example, a gym or fitness centre may benefit from liking or following a sports shop page such as Lifestyle or Maher’s Sports.

4. Give Out “Freebies”

Everybody loves receiving free merchandise or money off a product or service. According to Exact Target, 36% of people like or follow a page to receive freebies or discounts.


3. Keep Up With the Trend

Twitter is its own little world where topics, events, jokes and memes come and go every day. For business pages on Twitter, not being engaged with the latest trends is a sign of lack of connection, engagement and credibility. For people who don’t have the time to spend the day studying what’s “hot” and what’s “not” on Twitter, try using tools such as SocialBro to keep up with the latest trends and address them accordingly.

2. Measure Your Reach

Try using websites such as TweetReach and type in your Twitter name with the @ symbol. The site will then generate a list of people who have retweeted you to their followers. This will allow you to follow these people and hope they follow you back. Start at the top of the list with the people who have retweeted you the most and work your way down the list.

1. Spy On the Competition

Not only can you use Facebook and Twitter to see what people are saying about your company, but you can also see what they’re saying about the competition. Try reading your competitions customer complaints and making sure you don’t make the same mistakes.